CSS calc

Chrome, Safari and Firefox still have a bit of trouble using them in combination with the new vh and vw units. Also, Chrome and Safari don't seem to recalculate the values if used in a gradient (so you'd have to refresh to see it properly). Firefox does not seem to like calc() in a gradient, it works however in Firefox Aurora.

.simpleBlock {
  width: calc(100% - 100px);

.complexBlock { width: calc(100% - 50% / 3); padding: 5px calc(3% - 2px); margin-left: calc(10% + 10px); }
width: calc(100% - FIXED_FLOAT_WIDTHpx);

padding: 0 calc(50% - WIDTHpx / 2);

background-image: linear-gradient(top, black 1px, powderblue 1px, skyblue calc(100% - 1px), black calc(100% - 1px) );