Free Color-Picker Tools for the Linux Desktop

GPick is more than just a color picker tool; it can do a whole lot more than just that. You can, of course, pick colors from the screen if that’s all you need to do by using its “Floating Picker” Mode. It works desktop-wide so you can pick colors from whatever catches your fancy.

You can activate it by clicking the button with the eye-drop icon in the lower left corner of the window. This will produce a floating magnified representation of the area on which your mouse cursor is located.

When you settle the cursor on the part of the desktop you want to pick colors from, right-click at that point and select your preferred color code format to copy it to your clipboard.

Gpick also has tools for creating color schemes using its color wheel and adding them to a palette. In addition, you can also create a color palette from an image, create variations of lightness and saturation, and export your palette in a variety of formats such as CSS, GIMP/Inkscape palettes (.gpl) or Adobe Swatch Exchange File (.ase).

On Ubuntu Gpick is available in the official repository. Run the following command to install it on your machine:

sudo apt-get install gpick