MooTools 1.4.2 Released

We release MooTools Core 1.4.2 which is a small maintenance release. Upgrading from 1.4.1 should not cause any backward incompatibilities. We recommend all users upgrade to 1.4.2 as soon as possible.


  • #2073: Reduced redundant call to onTimeout if async option is true.
  • #2083: Fixes Element.clone in IE.
  • #2085: All specs are green across.
  • #2110: Element.erase('class') did not clear the class.
  • #2113: button.set('type', 'button') is now fixed for webkit bug.
  • #2116: Fixes Element.fade chain.
  • #2118: $uid method is no longer exposed


  • #2089: Added support for native mouseenter and mouseleave.
  • #2134: Deprecates the MooTools Core Specs repository in favor of including the specs in the Core repo. Due to ease of development.
  • Series of new specs and refactoring of old specs. Specs are all passing and much faster.
  • #2138: Native Element.fireEvent in IE is now accessible in via Element._fireEvent.

Known Issues

  • Documentation fixes/additions for Element.NativeEvents, Fx, Request.JSON, and conflicts between Array and Elements methods.
  • Object.each enumeration
  • Possible leak with Element.adopt
  • IE returns methods for some Element attributes.
  • Element.Delegation problem with non-elements.

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