MooTools Mobile


Touch is a no-frills ultra fast 'drag' class for MooTools 1.2. It serves the purpose to enable dragging your mouse or finger on normal-sized browsers and mobile safari. Supports safari 3+, mobile safari 2+, firefox 2+, ie 6+. It's API consists in 4 events, 2 public methods and 2 delta values. This is not, by any means, an idiot-proof drag implementation. The only purpose of this class is to easily retrieve delta values, so that you can use them for dragging, resizing, swiping, or virtual masturbation.

Mobile Touch Events in MooTools 1.3

The release of MooTools 1.3 brings about a vast array of new functionality to the JavaScript framework. One big new addition to MooTools Core is the ability to detect mobile events: touchstart, touchmove, touchend, touchcancel, gesturestart, gesturechange, gestureend, and orientationchange.


Makes your web applications more touching. Provides custom events and useful browser information for mobile web (application) development. On iOS it provides a touch event handler that automatically replaces all your click handlers with touch events to overcome the ~300ms click delay. Requires MooTools Core 1.3.!


Mobile Safari does a good job for making websites work seamlessly in a mouse-free environment. In general, it is pretty painless for both users and developers. For example, if you tap on something, the event would automatically be interpreted and handled as a mouse click. However, not everything is automatic; if the websites have any interactions involving mousedown, mousemove, and mouseup, they will not work well on Mobile Safari.To support those interactions everywhere, developers need to take care of both touch and mouse events. One approach is to have additional event listeners for touch, but it gets tedious and ugly very quickly. Mouse2Touch takes a more elegant approach - it's a nice little plugin that automatically map your mouse events to touch events.


A mobile application framework based on Mootools.